We are once again on PREGNANCY  watch.  Keep checking in with us for any updates.  We do try to inform you of any good news.  We are accepting deposits toward future litters now.  Who Knows?  The next one may contain youe very own baby!!

We feel great satisfaction in helping people find, and take home,  their dream pups.

This video of a past litter, shows undeniable cuteness of six week old babies at play, from previous litter.  They also know their names and can be trained even at this young age..

The best way to reserve a puppy, is to send to us a deposit.

A  $350 minimum deposit, (refundable with these exceptions:   If you choose a specific puppy, after the birth, we may retain the that deposit.  We withhold that pup from anyone else choosing him/her.  Your baby is no longer available to any other person but you.   If you must discontinue the purchase of that baby, you may put that same deposit toward another puppy, to purchase at a later time.  If puppies had not been born yet, and you change your mind, deposit is refundable, should you choose not to leave the deposit with us toward a future puppy.   KEEP IN MIND, any deposit, any amount, gets you closer to paying the balance, (refund policies still apply toward any monies placed on baby.  Total refund of total monies placed on baby before birth).

Should you prefer the tail remain natural, undocked, please let us know BEFORE baby reaches one week old.  Tails and dew claws are done at or around this age, before two weeks old.

The $350 will hold your pup, and your place in line for the next litter(s).  Please specify what your preference would be.  Balance due on pup must be paid prior to pup being released to you, unless other arrangements have been made with  us.

Get on that waiting list as soon as possible, with the 100% refundable deposit, on before the litter’s birth, and the exception above.  The natural tail may be seen in the pics of:  Pheonix and Ruby Rose.  Many are choosing the natural tail, however, most still prefer the classic ‘poodle tail’.  Either way, they are gorgeous.

BE ASSURED – All questions will be answered to the best of our ability.  If we need to ask our vet any questions we need help with, she is happy to help.  May we never make anyone feel bad for any question about any puppy or mamma and daddy.

Hope to speak with you soon!

call: (512) 709-6566 (early day is fine.  Nights before 8:30 P.m. Thank you.  I do prefer calls or text . E-mails just sometimes takes a tiny bit longer to get to.
e mail:  blissfultoypoodles@gmail.com


Royal Prince has found a new home! (deposit accepted)

Last updated: May 17, 2020

Lady Gailey has had a beautiful litter of pups.  He is nearly 3 weeks old here.  Hair needs to come in thick and luxurious still, as it will.  He is a darling.  Mamma may be seen on this site, (Dams page) and dad, (bottom right) shown here in a stunning show cut, will give you an idea how beautiful this little prince will be.  Below, is Royal Prince at 6 weeks old, out in the bright sunshine.  Looks like he is ready to take a nap in the warmth and held securely in his foster mom’s hand.

Silver Streak, just as her sisters, has found a loving new mom to go home to soon.

Last updated: May 10, 2020

Girls, normally are few and hard to find – but – this time we had 3!!  Silver is a fairly rare color right now.   A true silver poodle is born black, and “clears” by the age of two years.  However, you will know a true silver by the age of six weeks, as the face and the paws begin to “clear”.  The rest of the coat will follow throughout the next year, or two.  This is normal for silver, however, colors cannot be guaranteed, and black may stay!  Black is hard to find as well right now.  So-o-o-o either would be a blessing.

Meet Silver Streak. This little one, looking like she will  be a tiny toy, was born on April 1, 2020.  Mamma is Yackie Doodle Dandy, 5 lbs., seen on the Dams page.    These silver girls will be gorgeous.  She is DARLING.  How much she has changed.


Last updated: May 10, 2020

This sweet little darling has won the hearts of the nicest couple here in Texas.  They cannot wait to give this princess a home, where she will be pampered all her life.  One of the triplets, White Cloud, born on April 1, 2020, weighed in at 4.4 oz.  What a handful!  Most likely, these babies will be silver.  It is exciting to see all the personalities come out.  See how much this little one has changed.  At nearly 6 weeks old, she weighs 1.1 lb.  She is currently charting to be around 4 lbs. full grown.

Looks like she wanted out of this cup and safely made it!

Silver Beauty (deposit accepted!!) Little Beauty won the heart of a sweet lady in San Angelo

Last updated: May 10, 2020

Born, April 1, 2020, this was the largest of the 3 – count ’em’ – 3, baby girls!  She weighed in at 5 whole oz at birth.  This does not mean that she will be the largest when all grown up.  What a sweet personality has come forth and how proud she site up, alert and regal.

Recommended Puppy & Small dog Pen

Last updated: May 10, 2020

After trying multiple pens, this pen, made by: RICHELL, is by far, the BEST pen ever! Having only vertical lines, as opposed to little tiny square toe traps, as in most gates and pens, most pups cannot jump over this one. No horizontal bars either for leverage for those amazing climbers. This pen is about 20″ tall, and great for small dogs. We even keep our 4 – 5 lb. boys in one. They stand up so that their heads pop up over the top, and still most cannot jump out. This also comes in a 3′ size. Our 11 lb. larger toy poodle cannot go over either, and she has been able to open a screen door!! I feel it is well worth the cost.  They also have a 36″ version for extreme acrobats.   Find it at Walmart Website and / or Richell site will be able to guide you.