Christmas in July! Rubie had Puppies!!!

Rubie Rose had 3, beautiful little boys. Two black and one multicolor.  Boys are awesome! Extremely loyal, wanting to please their mommy’s and daddy’s.

(Pictures Coming soon, see Puppy Page)

Please call/text (512) 709-6566 for more information – having computer issues. 

We are excited to have more space and a BEAUTIFUL little doggy hotel and soon, a puppy nursery to fill more requests for those ‘dream’ babies of yours. We are currently accepting deposits for future litters, so, give us a call!

How to reserve and be the closest to the front of the ‘wish’ line:

Place a MINIMUM $300 deposit to secure a baby.  The deposit does count toward the total price of your baby.  All payments are refundable before a specific baby is chosen.  Balance must be paid before transfer from our arms to yours.  Checks must have time to clear.  Keep in mind, the more you prepay for your baby, the less you need to pay at pick up time.  It does give peace of mind to know that all you need do is pick up your new little one.

Give us the information, in writing, or in text, that we need to place you in line for a pup.   Provide us with:  Name, phone number, home address, and an e mail address.  Please describe pup preference such as:  male, female, color(s), and size you would prefer.  The more open you are to no particular sex or color, the better the chance to get your baby.   We are a small family business.   We will do our best to accommodate your wishes.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Looking for a baby pup right away?  I can direct you to my good friend, co-owner to many of our babies.  She usually has a generous supply of babies available, or upcoming, as she has built her business and excellent reputation oner the past 40 years.

We have the most adorable and best quality of pups.   All parents have been tested and certified “OPT A”.  They do not carry the DNA for: Peripheral Retinal Atrophy disease.  Your pup will come with a certificate showing test results.  Place a refundable deposit to reserve your puppy.  Please read on ‘puppies’ page about restrictions regarding return of deposit.  We are looking forward to many more litters to announce.  Our babies are gorgeous.  We have a VERY small – home – based breeding program, with our children, all are hands on babies   Oh my goodness, how we LOVE puppies, and the opportunity to share them with loving families.

We do encourage interested new families to visit our home.  The pups are well socialized to other dogs, to neighbors, and children.  They are paper trained, and easily trained after going home for outside potty.  The babies cannot go out on the ground until after their 1st Parvo vaccinations.  Paper training is great for when it is pouring rain outside, or really cold, we keep them safe and healthy, indoors.  As soon as we have babies to share with you, we will!!  Please keep checking this site for new announcements.


An adult dog, is still like our baby!  If we do decide that in the best interest of the needs of our boy/girl, we must let them go, it will be only to a home that can offer the most individualized love and attention that pet deserves.   We truly love all our babies, and it is so hard to come to this decision.

Re-homing fee for adult babies, (always babies in my heart), is $100, and is negotiable.  My dad taught me at a young age, never to give anything away, except charitably.  “People”, he told me, “Tend to take better care of that which they pay for”.


Any Questions please feel free to call us: (512) 210-7762