Contact Us

Feel free to call and ask questions!  All questions, and/or opinions are welcome and encouraged.

BE ASSURED – All questions will be answered to the best of our ability. If we need to ask our vet any questions we need help with, she is happy to help. May we never make anyone feel bad for any question about any puppy or parent.  We will be happy to give weight, and / or, estimated adult size, anything that concerns you, on any puppy you may be interested in.  We update as often as possible about the growth of the babies.

Hope to speak with you soon!  Phone calls are a bit better as we have our phones with us most of the time.  E mails o.k.,  we don’t get to our computer as often as the phone.

Call: (512) 709-6566  We would appreciate calls be made before 9 P.M. central time)  If cell service is not working, as it was not nationwide this week in June, our land line is in service!  You can most likely reach our land line, even if cell to cell service is interrupted.  (512) 833-0700 .  Thanks so much.
Of course, you may always try text, or e mail and we can get back to you.