Information/ Warrantee and Pricing

                                              About our poodles

We have acquired our line, (BLISSFUL TOY POODLES),  through a breeder who has been breeding and showing toy poodles for nearly 40 years. She has been recognized by AKC, as ‘Breeder of the year’  more than once, and is respected as a top breeder in many countries.   I have had the blessing of knowing this sweet, strong lady for over 10 years.  She is a fantastic mentor and friend.   She’s consistently providing the highest quality poodles.   While most of her poodles are raised and prepared for competition in the show ring, she supplies many with fabulous pets.  Most of the up line to our beauties, pictured here on our website have been trained and shown by her, and/or her partners.  Yes, many blue ribbon champions, the moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and siblings are directly related to our line here, at Blissful Toy Poodles.

We believe , and have been told that, our pups are the best of the best.  Compare our babies to others, and see what you think.  We all need to make informed decisions.  More research, rather than less, will enable you to make that 17 -20 year commitment to your newest family member, the most informed you can.

We, at Blissful Toy Poodles, have produced a variety of beauties, within the toy sized range.  Some families prefer the smallest, around the 4 lb. size, while others prefer the slightly larger of the toys.  Individual needs depend on if you would like a carry around  all the time baby, or a more rough and tumble, better suited for families with small children, or another dog who loves to play.

As we add more dames and sires to our family of poodles, we will have a greater selection for each person’s wants and needs.

                                                       Required Veterinarian Visit

Before your baby goes home, provide us with the name of the vet you will be using, and an appointment date.  When we transfer your baby to you, at 10 – 12 weeks old, the most current weight will be provide and done by our vet.  Be sure to feed your baby properly!  Stress can make animals, loose weight, bark more. and it may take a few days for that great personality to blossom.  The closer they are to you, the more you will see that silly, loving, smart baby’s spirit.  Pups cannot afford to skip any meal.  Be sure to at least give a small amount of chicken or turkey if pup is finicky at first.

You MUST bring new baby pup to your vet within 48 to 72 hours.  Should there be any congenital condition detected, (testing must be performed by your vet, then submitted to our vet).  The new mom or dad is responsible for cost of these tests.  Please contact BLISSFUL TOY POODLES, immediately.  We will have any pertinent tests done on mom and dad as needed, to determine any possibility of anything that may pass on to babies.  Most of our dogs have already had DNA testing done for heritage already.  ANY DOG FOUND TO HAVE A CONDITION THAT MAY BE PASSED ON TO PUPS – WILL BE RETIRED FROM OUR BREEDING LINE.

Most times, by age 1 year old, any congenital conditions will have shown up, and most breeders, not all, give a one year warrantee.  We go one  better!  We cover until 2 years old.  Keep in mind, each dog, each case is individual.  Even after age 2, should circumstances make it difficult for you to keep the baby in your home, call us, we may be able to help to re home him/her.  Recently, a dog, 6 years old, lost his elderly caretaker.  As soon as we knew, we agreed to take him in, and find him a home.  He is now in a great, caring home, well loved and happy.  Another couple, whose jobs requirement of travel made it difficult to give baby at nearly 2 yrs old, the attention he deserved.  A new home was found for him within  24 hours!  The truth is, that we had four homes offered to him.  What a blessing.  He is in a brand new mommy’s care now.

Within the warrantee period, any congenital defect involving heart, kidney, lungs, confirmed by our vet: Dr. Jakabowsky,  will be covered under our guarantee.  The puppy may be returned, and a replacement pup will be provided to you.  Another option is  a return of purchase price, with the confirmation by Dr. J, if you wish to keep baaby in your care.  Any dog, any size, any breed, may eventually develop a luxating patella.  This is a kneecap that occasionally slips out of the groove it is supposed to be in.  With small breeds, smaller bones, grooves, lots of jumping up and down can contribute.  It is not usually painful to the dog and can be fixed.  This is not covered under the guarantee, since every dog breed deals with this.  Dr. J has cared for our pets for 30 years now, is incredibly knowledgeable as to animals meant for strictly pets, as well as meant for the show ring.  She takes care of them from the first week of life.

We are blessed to have been able to provide many homes with their new family members for several years now.

                                                     Refund / Replacement Policy 

DEPOSITS – We understand that sometimes things happen, situations change.  If your deposit, is PRIOR to the LITTER’S BIRTH, and you change your mind, you may either receive a refund of your deposit, or, you may use it toward another puppy.  If deposit has been placed on a specific baby, we then withhold your little one from anyone else being able to choose him/her, we then will retain the original deposit.  You may still use the same deposit toward a future puppy.  Of course, if our vet finds any issue with your baby, we would inform you right away, and you may choose another pup, or a refund.  We always wish for our babies to go to new homes where they are 100 % wanted and accepted as a new family members

In the unlikely event that a congenital condition resulting in the loss of your loved baby, BLISSFUL TOY POODLES will replace your pup, as soon as a mutually acceptable  pup is available.  A necropsy must be done, (customer’s responsibility).  Results must be sent from your vet to Dr. J.   Guarantee does not include loss due to any lack of care, hypoglycemia, withholding food, or abuse or neglect.  We ask that in the event the replacement pup cannot be picked up, and must be shipped, the client will pay the cost of the airfare.   We are happy to answer any and all questions for you.

These little ones are like your children, and they love you no matter what.  We would hope each and every pup we place will be loved and cared for as such.  These are little  beings with attachments to the new family and they do indeed have feelings.  Long term commitment is so very important, unless of course, circumstances make it impossible to work out keeping them.  We do understand.

                                    The Poodle  Breed

There are actually only three recognized sizes in the poodle breed:  TOY, MINIATURE, and STANDARD.  The classification, teacup, is what a smaller than 4 lbs, and under 8″ tall at the shoulder  has been mislabled.  A ‘teacup’ is actually a very small toy.  Be very sure that your teacup baby is only small in stature due to nature, and not due to restriction of food, or manipulation of the liver enzymes.  In the latter cases, the growth process is dwarfed.   Many overseas pups are mistreated in these ways.   If smaller pups are commonly born to a particular mamma, and you may visit and see her, it is DNA responsible for the tiny ones.  Do as much research as you can.  Questions and a home visit to see their home or kennel should be welcomed by any breeder.

Size and color of any pup can be, at best,  a good educational guess, using   growth charts.  These things are totally determined by genetics.  Even two short humans can have a 6 1/2′  tall teen, or visa versa !!!  The charts for puppies  are fairly accurate though.  No guarantee can be given of either size or of color, as both change at times in the adult dog.  Hey- even people hair color and body size changes!  The size of the paw is a good indicator.  Tiny feet, usually, tiny adult dog.   Generally, a 12 week old puppy should double in size at full growth.   Although, sone have growth spurts  at different times.

‘Teacup’ and Toy Poodle Safety

Holding Your  Toy Poodle

Teacup/small toy dogs are adorable and will get his/her caregiver lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’.   Really small dogs are generally held a lot, as it is not safe to let them down in any crowded area.   They can get their tiny feet stepped on – and they do have tiny feet!!  Holding any dog all the time tends to make them very possessive and guarded.   It is a good idea, in safe areas to be sure to train your little one to learn to be on the ground, either on, or off leash, as you would a larger dog. This will also help them to learn better how to avoid our big, feet, and most of the time, they will get out of the way.


$350 per puppy deposits required. If there is a mamma you really like, it is a good idea to put a deposit on future litter, so you may hold a place in line.  Babies will be released to go to new home as soon as it is deemed safe by Dr. J, and, of course, he/she is paid in full.  This must happen at least 4 days before pickup or delivery date, in the case of a check / money order / cashier’s check, or wire transfer, to insure all checks clear by going home time.  Payment installments toward your new family member are accepted and encouraged .   Lengthy stays past the time agreed upon for pick up will accrue additional boarding charges at the lowest going rates.  Should boarding be required, your baby will continue to be loved, played with, and well cared for, by us and our  vet.

Please keep in mind, with your puppy purchase, comes a two year health warrantee.  For any reason though, you may bring your puppy back,  We will work to do our best to find  him or her a new home.  We have successfully re homed beautiful ones, when  families are experiencing personal issues.  We have a few more resources than they may have available to find a loving home.

                       PRICE  (payment plans can be worked out and negotiated)

All of our precious babies have that warrantee, as described on this website.  We are competitively priced, for the quality we are providing to you.  Males are priced, as are females. according to color and size.   Smallest of toys, excluding teacups, are $2000 – $2500.  Females $ 3500.  There are 4 times as many males born as females.  That is natures’ decision, do not know why!   We have been averaging about 2 -3 females born to us each year!!!  As we slowly grow, this number will as well.  Male or female in the teacup sized babies may be slightly more.  Depending on how rare the color is, such as red and/or apricot, will be priced around 3- $3500, any size.  The tiniest of these fine babies, known as: Teacups, are extremely few and far between.  Teacups can range from 2 to 3 1/2 or 4 lbs.  Weight is not the single factor and never should be.  You may have an 8 ” at the shoulder, still come in at 4 lbs!

We are happy to work out a payment plan that best suites the needs of the new family.  Pups must be paid for before they go to their new home.  Checks take about three days to clear.  It’s a good idea to send that final check ahead of time.  All payments are refundable, if something happens and you cannot complete the transaction.   We can hold your baby for you if more time is needed.  A low boarding fee may added past a 12 week stay.

This breed is a very hardy breed and generally will live 15 – even 20 years.  This works out to roughly $150 per year, for a companion and someone to be with you through thick and thin!  Taking excellent care of your baby can insure you a long and rewarding relationship.

Miniature sized pups are very popular.  These are a little bigger than the toy sized, but, can still be taken everywhere with you.  These may be around 15″ or so at the shoulder.  They can be 15 – 25 lbs.  They tend to be more steady in mood and great with younger kids.  They will gladly cuddle up in your lap, and are regal in their stance.  Super hardy and as all poodles –  intelligent.

The littlest babies are not recommended for families with very small children.  Bones are tinier, kids are a little clumsy!   A very tiny baby should not be shipped until  between 12 and 16 weeks of age, to insure the safety of the pup.  The longer the baby teacup stays with his/her mamma,  the more vet checks can be given.  As well, the size can be a much more accurate estimate, that you puppy would much more likely stay in the ‘teacup’ size.

Any shipping costs will be added.  We only use United Airlines when available, as they take special care of babies in climate controlled environments, through their Safe Pet program.  Here in Texas, we have someone who you may hire to deliver your pup to you as well.

Your new baby doll will come with some of the current food he / she is eating, a toy of their “chewsing“,  a pet health report, registration papers, and you may get a three generation lineage from AKC, (when you register your baby)   All puppies will have normal de-worming, and be current on all vaccinations due for their age.  They will also come with the promise that if you have any questions at all, you can call me for anything.


We will occasionally be re-homing an older than puppy aged dog.  The price of each individual will be posted at the time.  Some may be donated.  We would re-home a dog to give them a home where they would be the king or queen, without all the pups around.  We will put the dog’s quality of life first.


THE PRICE AND QUALITY OF PURCHASE   With the puppy, comes the unusual warrantee, as described above.

We are 100% Against puppy mills, and we supply limited registration with all of our babies.   Unlimited registration may be provided at an additional cost and assurance from new family that utmost care will be taken for safety of their new family member.  Often, puppy mills are where pups are born, kept in small, crowded crates, often without cleaning them .  The parents in these mills may not be well cared for and nursing moms give all they have to feed there babies, and do not live long.   Most often, Vets do not see these animals at all.  These mills operate for the sole purpose of – making money.  If anyone is selling what they claim to be a pedigree breed, out of the back of a car or in front of some store, if the ‘breeder’ does not offer for you to come into their home or kennel – BEWARE.  The pups are often mixed and inbred.  You probably are buying a sick baby filled with parasites, or heart/kidney illness.  You really cannot tell what you have brought home without a thorough vet check.  Purchasing the AKC registered dog, is the best insurance for you that you have that breed and that breed only, for generations before.

BLISSFUL TOY POODLES  get regular veterinary visits for our beautiful toys .  During the pregnancy, special care and vet checks, blood tests, x-rays, etc. occur frequently.

After whelping, and 5 – 7 days old, health checks, tail dockings, and dew claw removals, by Dr Jacabowsky.   We remove dew claws on all of our pups, UNLESS, a request is made by prospective client, not to remove, OR, babies are too tiny, mom’s milk is delayed, or the doctor thinks we should wait longer.  Tail dockings, while easier on pups, the same policy applies.  Another checkup at 4 weeks.  Then, 8 weeks old, the first round of shots are given.  A puppy getting ready to go home to their forever home, will get a thorough exam – as always – eyes, ears, genitals fecal, and general body check, and will be given a vet record of health,(if shipping is required, a certifate for air flight), to go home with.

These little ones are much more than pets.   I have found in them, an emotional support, a friend, a clown that can make me laugh, forgetting some of the ‘stuff’ that we deal with in life.

No matter what the age, size, or color of your new family member, he/she will bless you for a very long time to come.  May they bring you much LOVE and LAUGHTER.

(Blissful Toy Poodles reserves the right not to sell,to insure the best match for the pup to the person.)

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