Pretty Periwinkle

This is the first White Female pup born to us!!  She is a creamy white, and her fur is thick and curly.  At two weeks old, she already weighs 12 oz.  When I hold her, she reminds me of a small polar bear cub.    Her momma is now to us, acquiring her 9 months ago.   Gaily comes from a past life in the show ring.  She did quite well, however, prefers the family life much more.   She is 6-7 lbs, a perfect size larger toy for families with small children.   Dad is here with us also, and comes from a long line of champions as well.  He is a happy, goofy boy, about 5 1/2 lbs.   This size toy is not quite as delicate as the much tinier ones, and can still travel all over with you.  Pics will follow.  If you wish one sooner, I can text you one if you wish.  We had a photography student from a local college take pictures for this site and I am excited to see them soon.

call any time to inquire about this baby.